Welcome Rufini.net!

When I created this site a few years ago, my hope was to create a digital history of the Rufini family to anyone who wished to contribute. As we all continue to age and our families grow, it is my desire to capture some of our life events - joys and the like, in order that our children and friends may share in the memories that we make each day.

Registration at this site is required to view any of the family pictures, and the registration has to be approved by the administrator. All of this is done via email - so make sure you put in the correct address.

Feel free to contribute all of the photos you like; the site is filled with many features like sending ecards and gathering the photos you like into a zip file for download.

Most of the albums are restricted to viewing by only Rufini_Family group members, but feel free to create albums in the Public area for all to view if you choose.

Enjoy this Gallery!

John N. Rufini